Weird body odor?

  • Last Post 22 December 2018
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erica posted this 22 December 2018

Maybe this is tmi.. but...  

Lately I think I smell!  It's so gross.  I'm clean and wearing good deodorant but I still smell like BO.  I've never had this problem.  I'm so embarrassed! 

Has this happened to anyone else? What did you do about it?  Will it stop after I have the baby?  

kristin posted this 22 December 2018

girl, yes!!! When my hormones are whacky my body has funky smells 😂.  literally after both my sons were born, like the moment they were born, my BO stunk so bad, it didn't matter if I put on deodorant, or took a shower, nothing would get rid of the stink.. it took months postpartum for that to diminish. And then with this pregnancy In the 1st trimester, I smelt like actual onions.. haha, its so funny to me. I don't know of this issue happening to anyone else. I will say, natural deodorant helped, and there's this shower Gel from Trader Joe's that has peppermint in it, and that seemed to be the most efficient for helping with the stink!