Nanny vs. Daycare

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Shannon posted this 17 January 2019

Has anyone ever used a nanny?  I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of getting a nanny for my baby vs. putting him in daycare.  I know nannies are MUCH more expensive, but he would get so much more attention.  Does anyone have thoughts or advice?

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Tais posted this 07 December 2021

Of course, a personal approach and a personal adult who is always next to your baby is better than a daycare, but also much more expensive.

Kenneth posted this 10 September 2021

Nannys are expensive, really expensive! and you need to trust the person a lot! 

Furo posted this 17 February 2021

Are you sure your kid really needs a nanny? It will be a woman who will seat stay with your kid and look after him. It is much better to put him in a reliable daycare center. He will be able to be among other kids and play with them. Children should be socialized and well educated together with other children. They learn better when they are together. Of course, it is your choice. But I would recommend you to find a good daycare center. I do not know where you live. I can recommend only the best Infant Day Care Brooklyn called Little Scholars.  

Rainy posted this 05 May 2020

I considered it, but leaving my kids alone with someone all day made me nervous. I liked the fact there were always other people around at daycare and daycare never really took sick days.

Joanna posted this 20 July 2019

With a little experience of both- I had a nanny growing up, and had my daughter in daycare for a few months. She loved daycare, but she was always sick- ear infections, coughs, and you name it. Which meant my husband and I were always sick. While I appreciate that opportunity for her to see other kids etc, I can definitely say I loved having a nanny during my own childhood and wish I had that option for my kids. To this day she's still a close friend and I consider her family. But, I'm a stay at home mom now so neither are options on the table at the moment. 

Brittany posted this 20 July 2019

If you can swing it financially, get the nanny for sure.  If not, there are great daycares out there.

Katherine posted this 20 July 2019

I would have loved to have a nanny the first year. However, it wasn't an option for us because of location and expense. We researched daycares to no end and found a great one for my son. I'm a teacher, so he gets pulled out for summers. He has learned so much. I am very happy with it and how he's done.

Mel posted this 25 January 2019

Agreed on all points! My friends with kids in daycare always have issues with their kids getting sick and then they have to miss work. 

Nanny - they are at home, not around all kids of germs and sickness, one on one attention, peaceful environment and you get to select who is taking care of your baby. 

Shana posted this 25 January 2019

Nanny - they are at home, not around all kids of germs and sickness, one on one attention, peaceful environment and you get to select who is taking care of your baby. 

Steph posted this 24 January 2019

I worked as a nanny before and loved it. It is a more expensive but your child will get one on one attention and you can really screen your caregiver more than at a daycare that might have a ton of employees. 

Melissa posted this 24 January 2019

NANNY!!! I 100% will never take my daughter to daycare. I may sound crazy, but seriously there are so many great nannies who are willing to work with you on how much you pay. I feel my daughter gets way more attention and learns more from one on one attention. My nanny also has a kid of her own, so she still gets interaction with other kids. Its all about finding someone you trust 

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