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Beth posted this 08 July 2019

My toddler is just starting to get in to movies. What are some of your favorite movies for toddlers?

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Heather posted this 31 July 2019

Sing, Moana, life of pets! All super seeet movies that I also enjoyed! 

Nikki posted this 30 July 2019

Anything Disney! The Little Mermaid is a favorite right now, but she gets stuck on a new one every couple of weeks. 

Julie posted this 30 July 2019

Mine LOVES Ferdinand. It's so cute, and a sweet story about kindness, friendship, and staying true to yourself. She also loves Inside Out. It's a little complex for little ones, but she likes the characters. 

Madi posted this 30 July 2019

Disney movies are an easy go-to. My daughter was a huge Moana fan, and we've now moved into an Aladdin obsession. 

Aria posted this 09 July 2019

I'm not going to let my daughter use screens until she's about 2, but my couple friends used to use Moana to keep their kids calm. I don't know any, but maybe something educational or motivational.

Anna posted this 09 July 2019

My toddler LOVED Sing... Any Winnie the Pooh; Tangled; Aristocats; 101 Dalmatians...