Febrile Seizures

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Sarah posted this 02 June 2019

Has anyone else experience with febrile seizures?  My friend's daughter just had one for the first time last week, and I never knew about them before. It really freaked me out  

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Lydia posted this 03 June 2019

Aw, yes... they aren't a fun thing to go through 😔  My son had a febrile seizure in November, and I also had no idea what they were before this happened! He woke up screaming terrible--which isn't completely out of the norm for him, but it was more intense. My husband brought him to the bed to nurse, and I started feeling him twitch. I yelled to my husband to call 911, and I went with him in the ambulance.  It was awful.  The good news is that they are normal, and it's caused by a sudden spike in their temp.  When I put him to bed at 7, he was fine, but he had the seizure at 11 and his temp was over 103.

I learned that you actually don't need to go to the hospital when it's a febrile seizure, but I am DEFINITELY glad I did the first time.  There is a period after the seizure when they are in a complete daze... that was almost worse than the seizure for me, because it seemed like my son couldn't move his eyes, and he was just crying inconsolably.  After a few hours, they are fine. Since he has had one, any time his fever starts going up, we give him tylenol.  I am normally not a medicine person, but this is a different scenario.

I would ask you pediatrician about it next time you're there, just so you're educated. I completely understand how you feel... It would have helped me so much to understand what it was! I hope this helps a little bit.

Libby posted this 15 February 2020

Totally scary! Just like Lydia said, they're caused by a sudden jump in temperature. A common misconception is that they're the result of an abnormally high fever, but that isn't necessarily the case. Seizures in general are much scarier looking than they are medically, especially when they're febrile. Again, I agree with Lydia-speak with your pediatrician for some educational piece of mind.