corona virus

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molly posted this 15 March 2020

Any pregnant moms freaking out about this a little?

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Brittany posted this 17 March 2020

I don't think there is any need to freak out. Continue to wash your hands,and stay inside. If possible get any items delivered and have someone else go to the store for you.

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Nicole posted this 17 March 2020

Im not pregnant, but I am taking the same precautions that I would take if I was pregnant. Not going out, washing my hands and not taking the kids anywhere. 

Whit posted this 17 March 2020

Definitely freaking out a little bit, but also trying to remind myself that most everything coming out in the news is saying it's not likely an extra risk for pregnant moms! 

Heather posted this 17 March 2020

Studies have shown that children aren't a high risk and that it hasn't crossed over from pregnant momma to baby. 

Sarah posted this 18 March 2020

A few days ago a baby with the virus was born and I'm freaking out a lot. I'm doing everything to protect myself and my husband and we both work from home now but I'm still freaking out too.

Emily posted this 18 March 2020

I'm trying to stay as calm as possible and to protect myself as much as I can. 

Eloisa posted this 18 March 2020

Yes! It helps to remember I'm not alone though. Lots of us are pregnant, and hopefully all will work out!

Kim posted this 18 March 2020

definitely freaking out right now since I read an article that says pregnant women are to be considered high risk. also since everyone is panic buying! hope this gets over soon!

Anne posted this 19 March 2020

Since I was told I'm considered high risk I started freaking out. Hope this will be over soon.

WC posted this 24 March 2020

Ugh, I go back and forth. One minute I have myself convinced everything will be fine and the next minute I'm freaking out and washing my hands, the soap bottle, and everything else I can think of. I am thankful most of the reports don't indicate a huge extra risk for pregnant women, but everything feels so uncertain its still scary. 

Sarah posted this 27 March 2020

Not just pregnant moms but new mommas too! I'm also hoping to have another and who knows how long this will last? Apparently they are recommending people postpone trying for more. Praying it's done soon!