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Emily posted this 09 November 2019

Spill it: Has anyone had Botox or fillers and are you happy? Should I do it?

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Meg posted this 09 November 2019

What I want to know is, when is too soon to start? 

Ann posted this 09 November 2019

I started in my 30s!

What I want to know is, when is too soon to start? 

Charlotte posted this 13 November 2019

I am trying to figure out how to get the wrinkles in my forehead out.  At 33, I am shocked that it came out of no-where.  I don't want to get old.  Does it hurt?

Becky posted this 18 November 2019

Any other anti aging tips...I open to learning more. Right now a fairly pure aloe vera gel mixed with my moisturizer is good stuff. Google aloe vera gel and skin care. I'm interested in other options too like vitamin c serum and anything else you clever mommies are into.

Leigh posted this 18 November 2019

Botox... no quite ready for that yet. I may have to go that route one day. For now a great SPF moisturizer day and night as well as a satin pillowcase and monthly facials have helped keep me youthful. Not to mention eating right and getting rest (which mothers can not really indulge in at the point)

Penelope posted this 20 November 2019

A creamy moisturizer twice daily. Hyalauronic acid twice a day is really popular right now. It plumps up skin and makes it look more youthful. Whatever I  try has to be really fast because I can't invest time in long beauty rituals. I do believe in skin care though.

Violet posted this 2 weeks ago

One of my best friends does Botox and rave about it. I use Rodan & Fields skincare and I'm pretty happy with my results. I also try to embrace the wrinkles... they're a sign of life!

Heath posted this 2 weeks ago

I have not, but am looking into it. The only downfall is that it's constant upkeep and it's not cheap. I'm holding off until I hit at least 42! Schedule a consult first to gain a sense of how much you need and how long it will last. 

Libby posted this 6 days ago

I haven't but I'm starting to consider. Would love to see what others say. I'm almost 40, but everyone says to start younger? 

Jane posted this 6 days ago

I've had Botox and I'm happy with the results. Only go to someone very reputable and be sure to get a full consult first. I only use a little in more forehead and I appear years younger. Go for it!