When do you plan to wash and organize all of your baby clothes?

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Jessica posted this 09 April 2020

I am so anxious to get all of the baby clothes washed and organized in his nursery, but I don't want to do it too early and have the clothes smell like his wooden dresser or not be as fresh. I'm 28w+5d. When are you all planning to get the clothes washed and put away?

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Juliet posted this 09 April 2020

Hello! I am turning 30 wks this friday and I already started washing and organizing baby clothes! Was concerned about the smell too, but they seemed to not pick up any smell, also I just wanted to be ready since anything can happen anytime now. Congrats mama and stay safe!

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Jessa posted this 09 April 2020

I'm going to get started on washing everything when I reach 30 weeks, I feel like it's early enough to be ready before baby arrives, but late enough that the clothes should still be fresh. 

Linda posted this 15 April 2020

I started washing some of my baby's onesies, just waiting for some more stuff or clothes to come in so I can wash and organize everything altogether! exciting times! I am due in June