What has been your most annoying pregnancy symptoms so far?

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lisa posted this 28 December 2018

For me it has been this stupid stuffy nose! It's driving me insane!

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elena posted this 29 September 2019

I would say the worst pregnancy symptom I experienced with both of my pregnancies was nauseousness. With my first pregnancy, I lost over 15 lbs in the first trimester. After doing some research I found out the iron in some prenatal vitamins causes extreme nauseousness, so I switched vitamins with no iron and sure enough, my nauseousness improved by like 80%. I had little bits here and there but nothing like before. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor about any pregnancy symptoms you are experiencing. They want to help, that's their job! 

Ann posted this 28 September 2019

I have not had any sickness at ALL, but I certainly learned what heartburn is all about.  I don't think I ever truly experience heartburn until pregnancy.  Now I see why everyone complains about it.  I'm living on Tums!

Lilz posted this 27 September 2019

Not being able to catch my breath is pretty annoying. Breathing is essential to the well being of the mother and baby!

Valerie posted this 06 May 2019

The head burn killed me!

I hated it so much. I felt like I couldn’t eat anything without getting it!

Jessie posted this 03 May 2019

Seriously getting up to pee so often!! It drives me crazy!! 

Lilz posted this 03 May 2019

Nausea and more nausea. 

Did I mention the nausea?? I just wanted to barf already and feel better but it wouldn't always happen that way.

Zoe posted this 25 April 2019

I HATE that I cannot take anything when I am sick (I had a horrible cold a few weeks ago) and the uncomfortable awkward sex. I am ready to not be a balloon anymore haha

Ava posted this 25 April 2019

I was so sick at the end of pregnancy. I couldn't be around ANYTHING. The smells just made me wanna vomit. 

Jean posted this 23 April 2019

I totally agree with you on that one

Most annoying is constipation... ugghhh how I hate it

Carla posted this 19 April 2019

Most annoying is constipation... ugghhh how I hate it

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betsy posted this 18 April 2019

the morning sickness

debbie posted this 18 April 2019

i have terrible heartburn. whats best thing for it

Nadia posted this 16 April 2019

Having an accelerated sense of smell that followed me long after pregnancy. I think it helps protect the baby, by keeping me from consuming poor quality food, but its also kinda intense. I don't always enjoy smelling or detecting everything long before everyone else. Drives me insane.

joanne posted this 15 April 2019

I would have to say this excruciating pelvic pain. it comes and goes, but sometimes when I go to get up the pain is so unbearable that my body buckles. Thank goodness I havent hit the floor

DAWN posted this 15 April 2019

With my first, it was definitely heartburn.  I had never had it before!!

With this one, it is the sinuses!  I am so stuffed up all the time!

Rachel posted this 14 April 2019

Hands down - Acid reflux and heartburn! 24/7!

Carrie posted this 08 April 2019

I work at a computer all day and the pain in my tailbone is outrageous. Wish it would go away lol

Tara Rose posted this 08 April 2019

I feel like I'm always constipated lately. Save me

America posted this 08 April 2019

God having to pee every five seconds is actually the absolute worst. I'd love to be able to work a full shift without my manager commented on my urges to pee lol

Renee posted this 06 April 2019

I had heartburn and some kinda of digestive discomfort in the last trimester. I wanted soda so that I could belch I guess. I didn't give in often but I allowed myself one bubbly soda a week. 

Okay... so maybe sometimes it was more like 2.

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