Toddler Toothpaste recommendations

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Hanna posted this 11 October 2019

Does anybody have suggestions for toddler toothpaste? We've been trying to use more organic, natural products. 

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Phoebe posted this 01 April 2020


Nicole posted this 01 April 2020

Just mix a paste of baking soda!

yolanda posted this 27 March 2020

Jack N' Jill is a great, affordable option!

Harper posted this 04 March 2020

My daughter loves the "hello." brand.

Krista posted this 03 March 2020

If there is one near you, Trader joe's has a good toothpaste. It's not aimed at toddler's specifically, but my kid will use it just the same. 

Zufina posted this 27 February 2020

Thank you guys for all of the natural recommendations. The typical brands are super sugary tasting.

Nina posted this 18 February 2020

My kids have used Burts bee's and they like the taste.

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Monica posted this 17 February 2020

I say anything that gets them brushing! Lol. But like a lot of others, we have used Toms and liked it. 

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Sarah posted this 16 February 2020

My son tried Tom of Maine's Strawberry toothpaste for awhile and liked it. Now, we switched to Colgate kids, upon the dentist's recommendation. 

Isla posted this 13 February 2020

We use Toms and have been very happy. It comes with and without fluoride depending on your preference. Kids like the flavor and I like the natural aspects.

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Kayla posted this 19 December 2019

We use Tom's brand (fruit flavored). It's the only kind my daughter doesn't say is "too spicy".

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Kim posted this 18 December 2019

Our dentist said even plain water works well for toddlers. My 3 year old is super picky with toothpaste and will only allow us to use plain flavors.

Kelly posted this 23 November 2019

I swear by Burt's Bees products! love the moisturising cream and toothpaste for kids.

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