Toddler and swimming

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Abby posted this 12 February 2020

What age did you start your toddler in swimming classes? Any recommendations in the NY area? 

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Emma posted this 12 February 2020

I do not live in New York. But you can see how your baby is by trying out one of those mommy and me classes and see if they like the water 

Jamie posted this 12 February 2020

We plan on starting our baby soon but we live in a sunny state. When she is 6 months we will begin. I recommend by age 3 for sure. 

Brit posted this 12 February 2020

I started mommy and me classes around 18 months, swimming lessons at 3. We lived in an area with lots of open water. It stressed me out!! I wanted her to be a good swimmer. But sorry, not from the NY area, so don't have specific recommendations.