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Sarah posted this 16 February 2020

I was thinking about swaddling my baby to help them sleep better. If you've swaddled, which kind do you recommend? A classic blanket? A sleep sack?

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Kelly posted this 08 March 2020

Swaddles never worked for us. My son would bust out of them because he didn't like the feeling of being restricted. They are not for everyone. Try one first before you invest in a bunch. 

Andrea posted this 07 March 2020

I preferred blankets with my first but they didn't last with them very long because they always seemed to get hot in their sleep.

Jane posted this 07 March 2020

I am obsessed with the Halo sleep sack. It's so cozy, secure, and it comes in so many fabrics and sizes. 

Regina posted this 04 March 2020

My baby did not like to be swaddled no matter which type it was!

Harper posted this 04 March 2020

I love sleep sacs! Especially the ones that convert from a swaddle to a sleeping sac.

Belle posted this 04 March 2020

Use a sleep sack! Blankets can become loose and pose a suffocation risk. 

Nicole posted this 28 February 2020

The sleep sack didn't really do it for my baby. I found a pack of baby hospital blankets on Amazon and used those, it worked really well. She was nice and snug! Sometimes if it was really cold I'd use 2.

Jane posted this 17 February 2020

When my child was very small, we swaddled with a basic blanket. But, as he grew we switched over to the sleep sack. It was just the right size and kept him cozy. Had lots of luck with them. Don't be afraid to use!

Libby posted this 17 February 2020

One of my kids was fine in a muslin swaddle...the other one could break out of even the best wrapped swaddle. I bought one of those swaddle zip-ups, like a sleep sack, but their hands are in it. It worked for a good amount of time, until she figured out how to get out of it too, then we just taught her how to sleep with no swaddle. 

Laurel posted this 17 February 2020

I loved my sleepsack. My son used it for many months since it could be used with arms in or out. I also know there are a few different sizes you can get so that you can keep your child in a swaddle sack longer than a traditional swaddle. Never had any problems with it. I recommend the Halo.

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