Step-parent Adoption

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Angel posted this 15 November 2019

Hi, We paid the lawyers over $2000.00 all the paperwork has been entered and then something happen with the FBI check saying they don't require checks anymore and its making the process take forever.  My exhusband already signed over his rights, and hes expecting to not pay child support anymore.  My lawyer said we have to wait until adoption is finalized.  I am so stressed out. 

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Sam posted this 15 November 2019

I hope it happens for you fast. My sister in law actually adopted her husband, two daughters, the process was long but so rewarding!  She said the FBI check can take 24 hours to 10 weeks  

Maddie posted this 15 November 2019

Good Luck on your journey! I don't have the answers, but I <3 hearing about happy endings.  I'll pray for you all to get the adoption finalized!