Severe Acid reflux

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April posted this 14 November 2018

Have you had to deal with your little one and severe reflux? My 4 month old is drinking enfamil AR and we use the Dr. Browns bottles. It seems to help since we have switched from the Avent bottles but there are times where she is still spitting up her entire bottle. I have talked to her dr. about reflux medication but she said to try the bottles first before we try a reflux medication. Any other suggestions for something that may help?

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Kelly posted this 14 November 2018

I'm sorry to hear that April! 

My child reflux completely went away at 9 months old. 

Burping and having him sleep at an incline were the best remedies. I would try alternative methods unless the reflux is to the point of it being intolerant.

I've heard gripe water is excellent for babies with colic and acid reflux.

Curious to see the other responses! 

Kristy posted this 14 November 2018

We had the same problem with my 3 year old! The best thing we ever did was get him on medication for reflux. It was the only thing that really helped other than the Dr. Brown's bottles that you are already using. If it doesn't get better soon I would recommend reaching out to your doctor to see what they have to say.

Jeannie posted this 14 November 2018

My oldest had horrible reflux and we used gripe water and had him sleep on an incline.  Put a pillow under the crib mattress to get that incline without making the sleeping area unsafe.

Nelufat posted this 16 November 2018

Yes, gripe water seemed to help for my nephew. 

Momzie posted this 01 March 2019

Mine has reflux too. Enfamil AR helped at first. Later baby would still spit up(sometimes screaming while refluxing), or wake up choking. It got really worrisome and I asked doctor for medication. Doc explained that reflux medicine only helps dilute gastric acid, but it doesn't stop the reflux itself. He also mentioned that it shouldn't be used long-term, because studies show it might  affect ability to digest food later in life if taken for too long. He prescribed Ranitidine, I got it and it reduced baby's pain and grunts while refluxing. After a few weeks, when I noticed the reflux wasn't as panful for baby, I stopped the medications. We also employ other methods, like sleeping at an incline, burping intermittently while giving the bottle, gripe water etc. We also have some anti-colic/anti reflux bottles like MAM bottles and Avent bottles.

Casey posted this 02 March 2019

So sorry to hear your little one is struggling. I nanny'd for a family years ago who had a child with awful acid reflux. They would allow the baby to nap/sleep in a bouncer and actually got a sling "crib" from europe that helped with the babies acid reflux.

Casey posted this 02 March 2019

gripe water also worked great for them!

Lara posted this 05 March 2019

Placing the baby at an incline helps to reduce the symptoms. A Rock and Play, or a swing with removable incline bouncer really helps.