rock & play sleeper alternatives

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Nicole posted this 27 August 2019

So bummer Fisher Price recalled all the Rock & Play Sleepers... anyone use something similar that they like?

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Connie posted this 31 August 2019

Depends on the age of your baby. If your baby can't roll and you strap the baby in and don't walk away, I would still use it. I've used it with both kids and if they're strapped and you're watching, I don't see how they can possibly get hurt. The kids getting hurt were big enough to roll out and we're properly secured/monitored. 

Sarah posted this 04 September 2019

I would be too nervous to use something that's been recalled. I get that it was probably used past when it should have been, but still. I wouldn't want to risk it. But I am a little safety obsessed. Have you tried the 4moms swing?

Nicole posted this 04 September 2019

I can't use it anyway because I don't have a R&P sleeper because they are discontinued. I am looking for an alternative. 

Gianna posted this 09 September 2019

After I got rid of my Rock & Play, I bought the Graco Dreamglider and my baby seems to like it so far. 

Lindsey posted this 11 September 2019

There are a lot of different brands with a similar item. I use it but only if I am watching him and I try not to let him sleep in it.  i have one that is electric and it rocks and plays music an then you can take a part off and use it as a rock and play.