Recommended age for daycare?

  • Last Post 12 February 2020
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Riley posted this 12 February 2020

For the working moms, what age did you feel it was safe for the baby to be in daycare? How did you pick the daycare? There are so many horror stories, that I am kind of scared and is considering staying home 

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Moona posted this 12 February 2020

I do not trust anybody with my baby! I actually ended up staying home because of this. But there are plenty of people who put their babies in daycare. I think the best is to interview a few daycares, spend some time there and talk to the people who works there. 

Katherine posted this 09 July 2020

Day care usually have trained professionals and a lot of them do a really good job. There are pros and cons to everything.. I can understand that trusting other people with your baby is a difficult thing to do but i can say daycare is a good option for working moms. Like Moona said interview a few daycares and then decide which one you like the most..

Bolli posted this 17 February 2021

I know it's hard to leave a baby for the first time. Maybe also for the second and the third one. But you need to understand that your kid needs that. The earlier he knows about the other world, the easier their life will be. I can recommend you to pay attention to the Little Scholars daycare centres Brooklyn. Even if you do not live there, read their articles on the website. They pay great attention to the children's education. They teach them not only school stuff, but they try to develop different skills. Kids understand that each of them is a part of a big society. They become friendly and kind. 

Amber posted this 22 February 2021

You don't have to be so afraid, but you have to choose people carefully. I stayed home to work, but I also realized that I needed help. At first, I kept an eye on everything, and then I calmed down. You can control everything. If you feel you need help, ask for it.