Pregnancy symptoms?

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Sydney posted this 06 March 2019

What were some of the first signs of pregnancy you had?

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Ruth posted this 08 March 2019

I started craving foods I normally hated 

Melissa posted this 08 March 2019

My missed period and exhaustion. I was sleeping all day and it wasn't enough! It got to a point where I was falling asleep at work and on breaks! Don't miss those days 

Maddy posted this 08 March 2019

I was extremely exhausted all the time and got car sick every time I was in a moving vehicle.

tonya posted this 07 March 2019

missed period and sleeping all the time, i literally laid down at work and i never did that at the time i was working two jobs and i was rarely tired but when i missed my period i thought it was stress then when i was tired all the time i said hmm and then the hunger came in full swing 😂 

Adelina posted this 07 March 2019

My boobs were so hard to the touch and i just kind of knew

Danielle posted this 06 March 2019

I started getting nauseous around 6 weeks.
My breasts were also very sore and tender.
After that the 24 hour "morning sickness" started. It's JUST starting to settle down now, and I'm almost 4 months along. My sister was sick nearly the entire pregnancy though, so, I try to not complain too much LOL