Pregnancy After Loss

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Megan posted this 23 April 2019

Hello all,

Any tips on curbing anxiety during pregnancy after a loss? What (if anything) helped you most?

Thank you.

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Josie posted this 13 February 2020

My post is a bit different (I think). I didn't lose a baby, but I lost my young adult brother a couple of years before I had my first child.  It was really hard to balance my emotions, but at the very least I made a point to start my family when I felt that doing so wouldn't be a remedy to the emotions and heartache I was feeling after my family loss. 

Tamara posted this 18 September 2019

Talking about it with family and friends helped, along with expressing my concerns with my practitioner.

Lydia posted this 07 May 2019

I'm sorry you're dealing with the anxiety. I think it's completely normal. For many of us, having a loss makes it nearly impossible to have a completely blissful pregnancy experience, so you definitely aren't alone. I had to internally coach myself to physically relax, and I would do that by telling myself to relax one body part at a time ( "Relax your neck" "Unclench your jaw" "Take a deep breath"). If you feel like it's beyond your control, definitely not to you OB/MW. Make sure that your medical team is supportive of you and your fears. There is nothing worse than calling to ask a question about a concern only to be made to feel like you're an awful, terrible person or a huge inconvenience.

Good luck, momma. Every pregnancy is different. My loss group used to have this mantra "Today I am pregnant, and I love my baby."

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Cinthia posted this 03 May 2019

I think asking all the questions to your OBGYN even if they are ridiculous! 

Jenny posted this 29 April 2019

I recommend seeing a counselor and talking with your OBGYN. Anxiety is insane enough during pregnancy. I'm thinking of you <3

Amber posted this 25 April 2019

Going to a therapist helped for me. I tend to internalize a lot of anxiety and letting it out was so helpful. 

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Jamine posted this 24 April 2019

Following for helpful tips. Thank you for sharing Katie, I appreciate your transparency

Katie posted this 24 April 2019

I had to talk a lot with my husband. Holding those fears in did me more harm than anything. I also asked every single question and fear I had to my OBGYN. I felt a little weird and awkward at first, but it was always such a relief afterward. I hope you are doing okay! I know how difficult it is.