On the prowl for cute maternity clothes!

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Melissa posted this 30 August 2019

Besides Target, Motherhood Maternity, Pea in the Pod.....where do you find stylish maternity clothes that you can actually go to the store and try on?

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Whitney posted this 20 December 2019

Old Navy has some great options on sale usually. I also ordered a few items from Amazon that had good reviews and liked them!

Annie posted this 20 December 2019

I second Pink Blush online! That's where I ordered several dresses for photos and holiday parties when I was pregnant.

Elise posted this 20 December 2019

Old Navy and Gap online have cute options! Gap carries maternity in store, too. I also found some I loved at PinkBlush and Macy's

Lauren posted this 20 December 2019

Old Navy and ThredUp have great affordable options.

stephanie posted this 08 December 2019

Pink Blush and Old navy saved me! Both have excellent sales. 

Brittany posted this 30 October 2019

Kohls, some bigger department stores, some of the Old Navy's have maternity in the store. You'll save a lot of money buying used, although you don't get to try them on first. My sister went on a maternity group on fb and bought a bag of pre-owned maternity clothes for me. I kept what I liked and donated the rest. 

Renee posted this 29 October 2019

Maternity clothes are really worn for 6 months tops. I certainly wasn't wearing maternity clothes half way through my pregnancy so... reputable thrift stores, FB online yardsale and Mom/Baby Consignment stores are a great way to go. I'd treat myself to a couple brand new items Target or Old Navy Maternity and then I'd just get the bulk gently used condition.

Danielle posted this 29 October 2019

I love shopping at Old Navy for maternity clothes.  Also, Kohls had a big selection too online more.  Also, Facebook marketplace may be able to help as well. 

Lori posted this 24 October 2019

Try mom to mom sales! I found some super nice maternity clothes before at those (and also some great stuff for the baby!)

Liz posted this 18 October 2019

I found quite a few items on Amazon Prime (I used the Prime Wardrobe option for the first time with my maternity clothes). It was super simple to return everything and nice not being charged for it until I picked the items I wanted to keep. Other than that, I watched for sales on Motherhood Maternity or found items on FB marketplace  

ashley posted this 18 October 2019

All of my Maternity clothes came from facebook marketplace, people sell tubs worth sometimes! 

Jessica posted this 11 October 2019

There are some great facebook groups that are all about selling maternity clothes. As for a store, I loved shopping at target, most of the time I just got a bigger size, not necessarily maternity, since its usually cheaper. 

Abigail posted this 11 October 2019

I found some great things at Old Navy, and could usually find sales so they weren't too expensive. 

Amanda posted this 10 October 2019

I bought a lot at goodwill, Facebook marketplace and kohls!

Jenni posted this 30 September 2019

If you have a Goodwill nearby, they've had some nice maternity clothes - especially if you live in a nicer area.

Sarah posted this 08 September 2019

I used the App Thread Up. They had gently used second hand name brand maternity clothing for a very affordable cost. I couldn't see myself spending tons of money on clothing I would wear for such a short time so it was a great option for me. I also was able to find very affordable maternity jeans at Old Navy online.

Amber posted this 04 September 2019

I had a hard time with this! I found some cute stuff at Kohl's, but most of it I had to order online.

Amanda posted this 04 September 2019

Check out some buy/sell/trade mom groups or maternity groups on facebook! Seriously, we wear these clothes for 9 months and then we are done with them. They're usually lightly used, cute and half the price. I am sure you can find lots of stuff in your neighborhood from other moms.