No More Fat mommy

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Mary posted this 20 April 2020

Hi my name is Mary.When I was pregnant with my little girl Sophia my husband started call me fat and I was really depressed about it.I started looking for ways and books and I found a really good one and only for 5$.If you want to be fit during pregnancy I recommend this e-book.Here you can buy it if you want: https://bit.ly/2XOFYhy

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Anne posted this 11 November 2020

You have to fight this and work hard, great book.

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Amber posted this 23 February 2021

And you let your husband say that to you? Please don't indoctrinate women that they are not, because you gave birth to a child, and you did a great job, and no one has the right to tell you that you are not what you should be.