Morning Sickness

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Carla posted this 13 April 2019

Hi all this is my first pregnancy,

I am 45 and suffering from severe morning sickness . Any one have any natural remedies I can try?

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Jennifer posted this 15 January 2020

Ginger tea, peppermint oil, and maybe the sea sickness band people use on cruises. I haven't tried the band but on my friends swears by it.

Angel posted this 14 January 2020

Peppermint oil

Imani posted this 14 January 2020

Ginger candy and gum.

Jayla posted this 14 January 2020

I used ginger, preggy pops, and herbal tea. 

Jennifer posted this 06 January 2020

Eating something every couple of hours helps. Also try to make sure the food is bland. Certain sauces, spices, etc. seem to trigger my nausea. 

Jane posted this 17 December 2019

Try to eat as soon as you wake up. Even just a cracker helped me.

Ava posted this 17 December 2019

I tried ginger chews (made me gag, but I know they helped others!). Ginger Ale helped me some, and cheese sticks were a lifesaver! I pretty much lived on cheese sticks and peanut butter english muffins my first trimester. A nurse also suggested eating a PBJ sandwich before bed. She said getting that extra carb/protein combo late at night can help some with the mornings. I was always most sick at night, but do feel that helped some with my nausea in the mornings. Target also sells "prego pops" that my friend said worked well for her. good luck!

Ann posted this 17 December 2019

I had terrible morning sickness with both my pregnancies! The first time I took Diclegis. More recently, my insurance didn't cover that anymore (and it is crazy expensive) so I took what my dr. said is like the over-the-counter alternative: Vitamin B6 and Unisom. It worked great for me! The only thing I noticed was that it wore off at night, because it wasn't extended release like Diclegis. But I would just go to bed early and be fine again in the morning. I took the combo every night before bed until I had my daughter!

ellalynn posted this 08 December 2019

Mint Tea and lemon does wonders for me. OR get the reggie pops off of amazon.