Managing my schedule! Aghhhhh

  • Last Post 25 November 2019
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Leena posted this 25 November 2019

Hey all,

Wondering what the best time related advice and/or suggestions on apps, etc. I work as a freelancer, take on a lot, love a challenge but lately I'm losing track of time often.

Curious to see how you manage your schedule. I juggle cooking, cleaning, work, my son's activities, and slowly developing my own business/brand. 


Jayla posted this 14 January 2020

I just recently got my baby on a good schedule. I eat when she eats, she does tummy time while I do yoga, and I give her a bath and put her to bed early so I have time in the evening for work. I clean and work throughout the day while my daughter is napping or content in her swing.