Long Distance Grandparents

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Rachael posted this 25 March 2019

Does anyone else have long distance parents or extended family members who you want to be a part of your child's life? How have you found ways to make meaningful, consistent connections between your kids and their grandparents?? I get sad thinking about how close I was with my own grandparents, and how my kids probably won't have that because we live 25+ hours from both sets of grandparents

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Mai posted this 25 March 2019

My parents are close but my husbands are not and we Facetime them every Sunday. Maybe planning it into your schedule (and theirs!) will help.

Samyra posted this 25 March 2019

Facetime!! and sending things in the mail can be fun. Hopefully they care to make the effort too!

Anna posted this 25 March 2019

Completely agree, Mai! You have to make it a priority by scheduling it. Obviously, the spontaneous calls just for fun are important too. But life gets so busy we sometimes forget to connect with the people who matter most. It’s so easy to forget if we don’t see them regularly too. Good luck!!! 

My parents are close but my husbands are not and we Facetime them every Sunday. Maybe planning it into your schedule (and theirs!) will help.

Shannon posted this 25 March 2019

I would definitely set up regular Skype or Facetime sessions. I have a nephew in London (I'm in the States) and we do weekly calls at a comfortable time for both of us to keep in contact. As little as they may seem, sending regular emails/texts/letters/photos etc keeps a sense of connection as well. Of course yearly visits are best too if possible.

user5 posted this 13 May 2019

25 hours plus is a long time! My whole family is over 600 miles away (about 7 hours in the car). We try to see them as much as possible, and they come to see us. I agree with everyone else's comments about Facetime and Skype. I talk to my mom on Skype, and if my brothers or dad are present then they join in on the conversation. I talk to my dad on the phone weekly, on speaker, and I believe that helps LO to recognize his voice. My dad has a Jamaican accent, and she goes to him fairly quickly in person, so I believe that she recognizes his distinct voice. 

hannah posted this 15 May 2019

my parents are long distance and I know they are struggling with. Following this thread for any advice!

carmen posted this 15 May 2019

We love 11hours away when my 1st son was young when we found out we were expecting baby number 2 we were blessed to find job opportunity back home. 

Gabby posted this 15 May 2019

My parents are far away too, it stinks! We send cards, facetime, and try to visit as much as possible!

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Paws posted this 15 May 2019

I'm in TX, my father is in PA and my mother is in NJ. 

My father is in the middle of nowhere and doesn't have a cell phone, has iffy wifi, and for some reason none of the video sites work on his computer, so I send him emails with pictures. Not the best option but it works!

Cell service sucks at my mom's house and her computer doesn't have a camera (I'm working on that lol) so I bought her and my step-father a digital picture frame this past Christmas (my baby boy was born in January) and they absolutely LOVE it! I got this specific one: PhotoSpring (16GB) 10-inch WiFi Cloud Digital Picture Frame - Battery, Touch-Screen, Plays Video and Photo Slideshows, HD IPS Display, iPhone & Android app (White - 15,000 Photos). It's $160 but totally worth it because you can download the app to your phone and upload pictures AND VIDEOS anywhere and anytime!  It connects to wifi so it automatically loads the pictures, and then the receiving person can choose which ones to see on a regular bases (or set it to where only one shows) and can delete ones that they don't care for.  It took me a lot of research to find one that wasn't super expensive that had those features. I was able to send my mom pictures and a video from baby's first Easter and when I called her an hour later, she had already looked at them. Does this replace being able to live video? No. But it is an awesome way to share these things with "older" grandparents (my parents are in their mid 60s). 

Neither of my parents have met my baby yet and it's been so hard going through the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum stuff without my mom being here in-person. Living far away is super tough! I try to focus on the fact that at least I don't have to deal with them butting in on everything 😆 

Kushi posted this 15 May 2019

Regular or daily FaceTime at a praticular time - like when they come from school , during all important festivals, if there’s something interesting that happens in the day or you got something...updating and keep the grandparents involved. Helps the kids attachment to the grand parents 

Susan posted this 15 May 2019

Good old phone calls for us. My kiddo loves chatting on the phone, so that works for us!

Jessica posted this 16 May 2019

We got one of those books where the grandparent records themself reading it and my kids love it!

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Marcy posted this 19 June 2019

I second the facetime! My mother lives about 4 hours from us. We facetime with her every night and she joins us for my daughter's bedtime routine! It's one of those precious moments that we are so happy she can join us in. We've called her even during bathtime too 😂 

Facetime!! and sending things in the mail can be fun. Hopefully they care to make the effort too!

Jackie posted this 19 September 2019

FaceTime is so helpful!  Having them able to see (rather than just hear) the grandparents is really beneficial.  Visiting as much as possible is also good, but I know how hard it is to travel with kids.  Hopefully they can visit you once in a while?  

Brinn posted this 19 September 2019

Facetime is amazing! We speak to my parents several times a week and it helps keep the connection so much! My 19 month old daughter gets excited to call them (and vice versa).  Also I created a shared photo album in photos and post photos almost every day, so the family all knows what is up with us. 

Jodi posted this 4 weeks ago

We live in the East Coast. Grandparents live in the West. We see them once or twice a year, either they or we make the trip. Then we facetime quite regularly. Write cards and send gifts, pictures, etc.

Paula posted this 4 weeks ago

Video chat is a beautiful thing.  Just make communicating a regular thing.  Nothing can make up for the physical loss but they can be totally involved

Joseline posted this 5 days ago

My parents are about 6 hours from... I know it is not 25 but it is really hard, especially sicne I am an only child and extremely close with them. We moved here for my husbands job and are close with my in-laws, which is nice, but not the same has having my own parents. We do a lot of facetiming and it also helps to have the next visit planned when we are leaving each other. 

Hannah posted this 5 days ago

My parents are over 15 hours away and the other set is over 24 hours away. It's definitely a challenge trying to make it work but if they really want to be apart of the kid's life, they will find a way. Let's be honest, with technology today, there is no excuse. 

Stacie posted this 5 days ago

My in laws make it a point to stay once a weekend, once a month, no matter what. They live over an hour away, but my son really looks forward to their visit, and vice versa. We make it a whole special weekend when they are with us. 

Gina posted this 5 days ago

If someone wants to be there they will. My grandma always tried to come to me when I was little and she still travels for my children. We plan family trips together somewhere in between and we really enjoy the time we have together. My sister lives 15 hours away and we facetime weekly.