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Andy posted this 24 March 2021

Hello, friends. How do you educate your kids who are under seven. We lost our place in a daycare during the pandemic. And I still can't find any reliable daycare center for my daughter. But I understand she needs everyday communication with her peers and some classes to prepare for school. I have several options of good daycares. For example, the Little Scholars child early education Brooklyn center. Do you think it is worthy to put her there or try to give all the information at home? Where do your kids spend their time?

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helena posted this 28 March 2021

Interesting question. I think it's a great idea do it at home.

Hardis posted this 23 April 2021

As for me, it is quite hard to educate the kid independently. I trust our kindergarten and appreciate everything they do for my kid.  

Elma posted this 11 April 2022

I think it is better to do at home. Kids can learn a lot from you. As I am working for nursing CV help UK, I try to spend time with my niece and nephew and I have seen that working with them and doing activities really help in preparing them for school.

Mark posted this 12 April 2022

This is an interesting question. educational video production ny

Najwa posted this 12 April 2022

Many parents are curious about how they educate their children because they believe that schools are better for their children, and according to dissertation writing service  providers, parents can educate their children at home if they are under the age of seven.

Caroline posted this 01 May 2022

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DiscountsCode posted this 06 May 2022

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