How did you tell people you were pregnant in the early weeks?

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Alice posted this 23 October 2019

You just found out you're pregnant and you're SO excited!! Who do you tell first? Your partner? Your best friend? Your parents? Maybe you're only 4 or 5 weeks along - how did you spread the news those first few weeks and how did you decide who to tell? Did you have any reservations about saying anything?

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denise posted this 08 December 2019

We verbally told our close friends at 12 weeks and then 15 weeks we announced on facebook to the world!

I told my hubby and sister first. Then we called parents. 

Tulip posted this 31 October 2019

I sent an email with the image from the ultrasound.

Most family members loved it and others didn't speak to us for several weeks. 

Anna posted this 31 October 2019

I told my family after a couple of weeks, then closest friends shortly thereafter - in person, on the phone.  We found creative ways to tell parents, that was fun.  Especially hearing "how did this happen?" ...oh yeah good times! haha

Josie posted this 31 October 2019

I called my closest friends (after family knew) and told them right out.  I told them how I had gone to the doctor or was about to soon, don't quite remember.  The point is that I needed support. Let's face it, there may be several weeks between finding out (if really early) and actually going to that first 8/9 week (or longer) dr. appointment.  

Mary posted this 31 October 2019

I found out early on, told family about a couple months (maybe less) in, and then told the first non-family member, a really close friend, when I was about 5 months.  I told her via a facebook conversation late at night just randomly! She didn't like it but that is what I Happened to do when announcing my first born haha.  She gets me.  I just find it odd telling people. 

Elizabeth posted this 31 October 2019

I told my husband as soon as I had a positive test!  But I like to wait until 10-12 weeks to tell my family.  It is so hard, though, because I get so sick and it is hard to keep it from everyone!

Lori posted this 24 October 2019

My husband is always the first one I tell! And I can't keep it from my best friends or sisters lol. I'm the worst in general at keeping surprises a secret! But as for telling everyone else, after we had our oldest, we usually buy cute shirts ("big brother", etc), take a photo, and share our news that way  

Stella posted this 23 October 2019

My husband was with me when I took the test so he knew as soon as I did. That was really fun so we could celebrate together. With everyone else, we waited until close to the end of my first trimester because we wanted to make sure everything looked good after my first-trimester screen and my sister-in-law was really struggling with infertility so we wanted to wait a while and tell her delicately. 

Nancy posted this 23 October 2019

With my first, we waited until after I had my first doctor's appointment and heard the heartbeat and had bloodwork done before we told our parents and other close family and friends (approx. 7 weeks). With my second, I put my then 2-year-old in a t-shirt that said "super big brother" and let him spill the beans as soon as we found out (approx. 4-5 weeks)! 

Natalie posted this 23 October 2019

I found out I was pregnant with my first right around 4 weeks. I told my husband the same day. We didn't wait to tell close friends and family. Figured if something happened we'd want all of their support anyway. We made a special point of seeing everyone in person to experience their reactions😊