Hip/Tailbone (S1) pain during pregnancy

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Donna posted this 20 December 2018

I had severe back pain with my first baby, but it was not so bad with my second. Hot bath make help, muscle rubs, Icy hot, or doctor may have a pain cream.

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April posted this 24 September 2019

This one is hard to answer in my opinion because I also suffer from back pain. But I have ruptured discs in my T11-T12 vertebrae and I also have cysts on my S2 sacral nerves. I have back pain daily. Some things that have helped me include: muscle rub ailments that have an icy hot feel to them, Ibuprofen aka Motrin/Advil (cannot take this during pregnancy so I stick with Tylenol aka Acetaminophen-can have up to 4,000/mg's per day). I use a lot of hot water massage remedies also while soaking in the tub or showering. I sit when I can and basically do the best I can. Most importantly, I tell my family and loved ones around me that I need their help and support. I hope this helps some! I hope you find some relief also!

Marie posted this 24 September 2019

I was having severe tailbone and lower back pain. It hurt to sit and stand nothing I do was comfortable but then I went and saw a chiropractor and I feel 100xs better!

Jolene posted this 27 December 2018

i think my tailbone hurt all through my last trimester for both pregnancies. 

jessica posted this 24 December 2018

Foam roll and yoga after a hot bath!

mari posted this 23 December 2018

Maybe some icy hot?  Are pregnant women allowed to use icy hot?  So annoying that all you can have is tylenol.  I'd think even some vicks might help a little. I'd try some minor stretching.  Amazing what a little stretching can do.