Going Green... Gradually

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Sadie posted this 21 February 2019

I want to start going 'green' but everything seems so overwhelming. What's the best first steps toward going green? 

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Brittany posted this 22 June 2020

I think you just need to start out changing a few products, then slowly go more and more. 

Maela posted this 09 June 2020

I would also recommend starting to collect various blogs like this https://creativevegancooking.com/category/creative-healthy-desserts/, it will be very useful

Julie posted this 05 May 2020

Try composting at home if you have a yard, or reusable shopping bags. Also, us tupperware instead of plastic bags. Turn off the lights and TV more.

Amber posted this 14 March 2020

Reusable shopping bags are an easy swap IF you can remember to take them in with you. I like the door knob idea posted below. I also have a few reusable cups I carry around. Keep a recycle bin next to the trash can. Look at what products you use the most and see if you can find an easy green swap one at a time. Buy local when you can!

Christine posted this 14 March 2020

Look into your city's recycling codes and start recycling everything you can. I use a lot of glass containers instead of buying plastic ones for leftovers, dish soap (I buy huge refills and reuse 1 smaller containers,) I carry my own stainless insulated cup and straw around... easy little things. I also started composting since I do cook at home a lot to help cut back on food waste, I use that on my lawn and garden. I also feed some scraps to my chickens. Small switches add up over time! 

Louise posted this 02 March 2020

Skincare and beauty products for sure!!! This is a brand I LOVE!! They have products for the entire family and they are completely toxic free as well as making a huge impact in the industry to bring all brands/companies' standards up. We really do have to start changing things with our dollars and this is one way I do it! https://www.beautycounter.com/cindygrecu

Kristy posted this 28 February 2020

Green cleaning products are cheap and easy to make (find recipes and ideas online). You can use natural laundry detergent, buy organic food, and buy biodegradable diapers if you can afford it. It's tough being green with the amount of diapers, wipes, paper towels, and food packaging you go through but in little ways, you can do your part.

Jessica posted this 21 February 2020

I'd start with cleaning products. Grove has a free starter kit!

Hailey posted this 21 February 2020

Yes, we spent most of our adult lives trying to go green. Starting slow and progressing is a great idea. We are hardcore crunchy now and all chemicals have been eliminated in products we use. It's definitely a lifestyle, and you grow into it.

Hannah posted this 19 February 2020

Recycle your aluminum cans, clean everything with white vinegar, and don't feel like you have to use cloth diaper services. They are a racket.

Elena posted this 19 February 2020

These are all great ideas. I need to start doing some of these.

JJ posted this 24 November 2019

I make my own deodorant: 1/4 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup arrowroot powder (I like Bob's Red Mill for both), 4-5 tablespoons melted coconut oil - mix well with a chopstick, pour into desired container, pop in fridge for 1 hour - DONE!

Sophie posted this 22 November 2019

Baby steps! We just accomplished two things in our house: we switched to cloth grocery bags and we have been really good about unpacking them to put groceries away and then hanging them on the front door knob so we will take them back to our cars the next time we leave the house. Then, I stopped putting plastic grocery bags in our upstairs bathroom garbage cans. We have one larger can in our kitchen with a garbage bag in it, and we just empty the bathroom cans into it and take out only one bag. We rinse out the bathroom cans as needed. This may not sound like much, but these feel like HUGE steps for us. Both things felt impossible and then we just decided to tackle them and it worked!

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GIna posted this 14 November 2019

Once I decided I wanted our family to start to be more sustainable, I realized there were SO MANY ways in which we weren't!  Right now I'm in the process of gathering enough dishcloths and hand towels to get rid of paper towels.  Next on my list is to buy reusable produce bags so that I don't waste so much plastic buying my groceries!  

Beth posted this 09 November 2019

If you use disposable diapers, go for the eco-conscious brands. Do or organize clothing swaps with other moms. Eco cleaning products like others recommended. Make your own baby food (this is very easy and even fun).

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M posted this 08 November 2019

There are some excellent sustainable and ethical clothing sites for babies, kids, and mom. Just do a google search and lots will pop u p. Buy secondhand when you can, too!

Megan posted this 23 September 2019

I started by making cleaning products and pared down my skincare to essential oils and carrier oils with a few things from The Ordinary in glass bottles. Target dollar spot sometimes has glass spray bottles. I need to work on less plastic in the kitchen next.

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Joanne posted this 23 September 2019

I would start small so you don't feel overwhelmed.  Every time you need to buy a new product, try finding a clean version.  This way you are just buying one or two items at a time, not replacing everything at once. 

Brianne posted this 29 August 2019

When you're just starting out-choose one or two areas. We use reusable tote bags, reusable mesh produce bags, containers instead of ziplocs, contigo and camelback water bottles, a water pitcher with a filter, cloth diapers, cloth wipes, un-paper towels (cloth), cloth pads and liners, etc. I also buy shampoo, laundry detergent and dish soap that is eco-friendly. 

Leah posted this 20 August 2019

Try out Stasher bags instead of plastic baggies, I have heard great things about them!

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