Fun Learning Activities for 18 month old

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julie posted this 16 September 2019

My 18 month old is a busy body extreme. We always have to have some activity to do or he starts acting out. I'm running short of ideas as of late and would love some new activities that involve colors or matching. Does anyone out there have any advice?

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Annie posted this 18 September 2019

Following this too. As winter comes I'm worried about not being able to go to the playground every day! My daugher is not yet interested in art projects. She does like stacking things and things she can open and close, so we play blocks and with her play kitchen a lot.

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Corrine posted this 18 September 2019

My friend goes to 'MyGym' (unsure if its local or nationwide?) Basically, it's a place for kids to play with other kids and learn from teachers. They have ball pits, balance beams, etc.

Charlie posted this 18 September 2019

This is what I did for my boys... I literally threw socks on the floor and let them "find the match". I know that sounds bad but seriously I have a lot of socks and it killed two birds with one stone

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Brinn posted this 19 September 2019

My 18 month old is just starting to "get" puzzles. They don't occupy her for too long but I think they help with matching obviously. 

Charlene posted this 19 September 2019

We also like to be busy so I try to meet up with other moms, and take classes. We do a music class and a dance class. We also go to the playground at least once a day (we don't have a yard).

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Ashley posted this 19 September 2019

I think 18 months might be a bit early to expect color and number activities.  You can sure try, but I would echo some of the other posts here.  Make sure to spend lots of time outside playing.  That is a great age for sand (if you can handle the mess!) and water play outside.  For inside activities, you could try playdo or legos.

Andrea posted this 19 September 2019

Summer is easier, of course. But winter - my little loves museums and the YMCA where he can run!

Charlie posted this 19 September 2019

I really don't think 18 months is too early for color and number activities. You'd be surprised at how quickly they learn at this age, just don't make the activities so hard that the little one gets frustrated is all I'd suggest.

Samantha posted this 25 February 2020

Our toddler is all over the place too. She loves magna tiles, stacking rings, a keyboard that has demo songs she can dance to (any music time is a hit), puzzles, and toys where she can use her imagination like her tea set or toy pots / pans / spoons