Freezer Meals

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Charlotte posted this 09 May 2019

All right, moms. Hit me with your favorite, easy freezer meal options. I feel like it's the only way I can manage to serve well-balanced meals during the week without feeding my kids at bedtime. 

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Aisha posted this 10 May 2019

Lentils boiled or prepared with some nice seasonings go really well with rice or potatoes and they are soft delicious and nutritious. 

Freeze well too. 

Dre posted this 15 May 2019

I have done lentils as well Another easy one is sweet potato and even kale/spinach/avocado mixture.

Noel posted this 17 May 2019

the freezer meals on pintrest are EVERYTHING. I promise they save so much time. 

Carla posted this 23 September 2019

Have you tried tortilla soup or hamburger soup?  I feel like soups are the easiest to make and you can just throw them in the crock-pot.  

Marie posted this 23 September 2019

I am actually starting to plan a freezer meal calendar for the first 2 weeks after I have the baby!

There is a lemon butter chicken thigh recipe on pinterest that you can freeze and then put in the crock pot!

Katie posted this 25 September 2019

I agree with Carla, soups are the way to go.  Freezer meals are the best, I wish I took the time to get them together more often.  Any meal prepping can be a big help. 

elena posted this 29 September 2019

Pinterest has SO many ideas. I literally plan my weekly meals off of Pinterest every week. One of my favorites go-to freezer meals is White Chicken Enchiladas. They are so easy to make and freeze for an easy meal. Just search Pinterest for freezer white chicken enchiladas. There are many good recipes. 

Ms posted this 13 November 2019

I make double crock pot meals each time and just freeze the leftovers. Everyone crock pot recipe I use has only 5-6 ingredients , I keep it simple.  I also use pinterest for ideas.

Sam posted this 17 November 2019

Chicken my favorite food and home made soup but freezer foods last longer if u have them in freezer bages so they don't get freezer burned .. 

Chris posted this 20 November 2019

Pizza.. chicken.. pork chops.. stakes.. tv dinners... Deer meat 

alex posted this 20 November 2019

any type of soup, pasta dishes, lasagna, frozen pizzas. I was lucky enough to have family who brought over a bunch of dinners to put in the freezer which helped out a lot.

Gabby posted this 20 November 2019

chicken or beef meatballs!

Liyana posted this 24 November 2019

Lasagna, pasta, and chicken and wild rice type. I've also loved doing teriyaki chicken. and pinterest, always pinterest.

Rainy posted this 05 May 2020

Pinterest and lots and lots of crockpot meals. Also lots of chicken recipes. Meatballs are always  a good, quick alternative.