Favorite food while breastfeeding?

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Susan posted this 23 August 2019

What are some of your go to foods for those that breast feed? Are there just foods that you absolutely crave? I always want chocolate.

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Esther posted this 5 weeks ago

Lots and lots of carbs also help. It's scary to think a lot of carbs are going to the body, but it seems to help me with the fatigue of breastfeeding. Just look for healthy options. 

Ruby posted this 20 January 2020

Water and salty snacks. I always want chips, pretzels, etc. Which of course I shouldn't eat. But it's hard to reach for a piece of broccoli when your body is craving chips. lol

Meg posted this 20 January 2020

I'm soooooo thirsty when I nurse. It hits me instantly when the baby latches. Beside that I feel like I'm hungry for food during breastfeeding. I don't want treats or snacks, I want like a good sandwich or something. 

Esther posted this 20 January 2020

The nursing tea is not something I crave but I believe it helps with production, as well as lots of water. 

Jess posted this 15 November 2019

My favorite food while brestfeeding was home made soup 

GIna posted this 14 November 2019

I definitely crave a ton of sweets, but try not to eat them too much.  My doctor said to focus on protein to make the most milk.  So I eat a lot of turkey and chicken and protein shakes to make sure I'm making milk as much as I can.

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Sun posted this 13 November 2019

So thirsty, ALL the time. I love cold pressed juices. Especially watermelon.

Steph posted this 03 September 2019

Oatmeal cookies and LOTS of water! 

Connie posted this 31 August 2019

I like a lot of watermelon. Ironically/weirdly enough a friend who is breastfeeding swears when she eats watermelon her baby gets really bad gas tho...so maybe don't try that lol. 

Betsey posted this 25 August 2019

Oatmeal Raisin Clif Bars and Ginger Otterbein's Cookies:-)

Lana posted this 24 August 2019

Oatmeal! I feel like it helped my supply too. And I was always wanting ice water lol