Favorite diaper brand?

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Cassie posted this 20 December 2018

Huggies Overnight.. for the overnights and my kid is a heavy wetter. They were a game changer. I used cheapies really.. I found Aldi's brand is the best price and a great diaper. I like to splurge on honest company brand though when I can.

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Madi posted this 20 December 2018

Pampers Swaddlers! I refused to use anything else because they just did not work! Tried Huggies, tried Luvs, Target brand....none of them worked will. Tried Honest company and my baby actually seemed to have some kind of allergic reaction to them

Gemma posted this 21 December 2018

Pampers worked really well for my son as well. We tried so many diapers and Pampers were the only ones where he didn't blow out of even when sizing up. 

layla posted this 21 December 2018

I used luvs for my babies. The brand of diaper is cheap but well made. Check it out. 

sarah posted this 22 December 2018

With my first,I used Huggies at night and Walgreens brand during the day.  They are both soft and don't have any funny smell. Unless they have changed significantly, I will use the same for my second. 

I didn't love the overnights but I found that using a size too big made a world of difference in preventing leaks / blowouts.

I think it depends on the shape of your baby.  Huggies fit my big belly baby, pampers fit my skinny minny niece, and luvs seem to have large leg openings for those chubby leg babies.  😍 I didn't like target or rite aid brands.  I also didn't like honest co. 

Brianna posted this 13 January 2019

We absolutely loved Luvs πŸ˜‰  We initially tried them because they were a more affordable option but we stuck with them because they were surprisingly one of the only diapers that didn't leak for us! 

Sarah posted this 13 January 2019

I love Pampers Swaddlers! I especially like the indicator light that tells you when the diaper is wet - very useful when they get a little older. I tried Huggies and Pampers Dry( i think) and didn't like them as much. 

Rachelle posted this 13 January 2019

Huggies and Luvs were my favorite - I found that the higher priced products, were just that - high priced!

Megan posted this 27 January 2019

We used Huggies newborns and ones then switched to Pampers Swaddlers. I think I used Luvs a lot with one baby but they leaked for another so we went back to Pampers. 

Lana posted this 28 January 2019

Pampers worked the best for us. Honest company gave my baby a rash, we had issues leaking with Huggies and Luvs. 

Melissa posted this 28 January 2019

Honest company! Only diaper we have ever used. My daughter never had a diaper rash so I never felt the need to switch.. we had some leaking but it wasn't often! 

Desiree posted this 28 January 2019

Huggies was my brand of choice.

Dar posted this 22 February 2019

Pampers Swaddlers for the newborn stage and then I switch to Huggies Little movers.
For wipes it's Huggies all the way

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Erin posted this 24 June 2019

We used pampers with my first, but as she got older just used the BJ's brand, and that worked fine for us! i'm sure its a whole new different ball game for baby boys though 

Josephine posted this 24 June 2019

Huggies is our favorite. We tried a couple others because of pricing, but Huggies is definitely our top choice. Honest and Luvs gave our daughter rashes!  

Also, we stick with the Huggies wipes because one time we tried to switch the wipes kept ripping apart during changes and I swear we don't wipe that hard loll

Sarah posted this 25 June 2019

We were a pampers cruisers brand family from the beginning. 

Cheryl posted this 25 June 2019

We used the Luvs brand. Did you know that huggies and pampers are owned by the same company?

Lisa posted this 27 June 2019

I use cloth diapers during the day, but use seventh generation disposables for nighttime. They’re my favorite by far. 

Sarah posted this 29 June 2019

I cloth diapered as well but bought Honest Co diapers for when we have a baby sitter. Not every teen is open to the cloth diaper πŸ˜‚ 

Aurora posted this 29 June 2019

Honestly when my daughter was a new born, I used pampers, but after a while we switched to the BJ's brand to save money and that worked for us! 

Star posted this 06 July 2019

Maybe pampers, but I honestly rarely buy them. I usually buy the off brand or whatever is on sale. I haven't ever noticed a significant difference.

Anna posted this 10 July 2019

We do Huggies, and have found the best deal to be at Costco Wholesale.

Destiny posted this 10 July 2019

I love Luvs diapers. Not only are they the most affordable, but theres a type that have the little yellow line that turns blue, just like Pampers and Huggies. I love Huggies, but the regular ones are very stiff. And pampers are amazing and soft, but they tend to be the most expensive. The Luvs are great, and are a great in between.

Alyssa posted this 18 July 2019

We use Hello Bello and we love them!

Patti posted this 18 July 2019

We love the Kirkland/Costco brand....you get your money's worth and they're also a lot heftier than many others we tried.

Sam posted this 19 July 2019

Huggies were the brand that was the best fit in our house! They work great!

Angela posted this 19 July 2019

We're a Pampers family, maybe it's just because they were the first ones we tried but they haven't let us down so far.

Nina posted this 19 July 2019

We like both Pampers and Huggies, but Costco carries Huggies so that's usually our go to.

Emily posted this 19 July 2019

We use Luvs, but we've also used Huggies and they work equally well in my opinion.

Cate posted this 19 July 2019

When my son was a little baby, I preferred Pampers. Now that he's a toddler, I prefer Huggies. 

Alexandra posted this 20 July 2019

Huggies are the BEST!

Lyla posted this 20 July 2019

Pampers have been our favorite.

Lyla posted this 20 July 2019

We use Seventh Generation.

Katherine posted this 20 July 2019

Pampers Swaddlers!

Caroline posted this 20 July 2019

They are expensive, but Pampers Pure are fantastic.

Layla posted this 20 July 2019

Hello Bello is our go to brand for everything baby related.

Tina posted this 20 July 2019

Hello Bello for sure! They are free from harmful chemicals, biodegradable and have the cutest designs! They are also a little bit cheaper than the common brands like huggies and pampers. They are sold at walmart and on their website! You can order a monthly subscription to be delivered to your house. 

Danielle posted this 23 July 2019

Pampers Pure are great but unnecessarily expensive.  Otherwise, Pampers Swaddlers or Huggies Little Snugglers.

kate posted this 27 July 2019

Huggies, they are amazing.

Ambria posted this 29 July 2019

I'm a huge fan of Target's Up  & Up brand. 

Haley posted this 31 July 2019

We use hello bello and love them! They are safe and biodegradable! They are a great price too! I recommend them to everyone! 

Janelle posted this 31 July 2019

Costco brand! Reasonable price, especially when they're on sale, no funny smell, and good capacity! 

penelope posted this 18 August 2019

Target brand without a doubt. Also, when you get to needing the overnights for child potty training i used generic walmart brand. i swear they were the only ones my son did not leak through overnight

Mallory posted this 19 August 2019

The only diaper's that worked for our first baby was pampers, every thing else gave him terrible diaper rash! The second boy, we have been using Luv's and Huggies (cheaper) and he doesn't get a rash from them! All depends on the baby. I find pampers are the best quality though, 100%!

Lynn posted this 19 August 2019

We like the Up & Up brand from Target because it is the most cost effective for us and they work well! We used to use the Up & Up wipes as well but my youngest was getting horrible diaper rashes and we switched to Water Wipes and it cleared right up!

Millie posted this 11 December 2019

I tried many options with my son. I think it depends on the body of the babe. Huggies worked best to catch everything

Zufina posted this 27 February 2020

We swear by Huggies,  Luvs leaked on us so we switched to Huggies and never looked back.

Alison posted this 16 March 2020

My daughter had a Pampers booty her entire diaper life. My nephew started in Huggies and then had to switch and landed on Luvs at around 4 months old. 

Christine posted this 16 March 2020

Every baby is different. MY biggest tip would be to open only 1 smaller pack at a time until you know what they fit well in and don't react to. Most places are great about letting you exchange diapers so take your unopened other brands back and get the ones you love!

Dien posted this 16 March 2020

My favorite brand is Pampers, we use Pampers Swaddlers. Only once I bought Pampers baby dry, but I like Swaddlers more, baby dry were leaking

Brittany posted this 17 March 2020

I love Honest Company, Pampers 360*, then Hello Bello I just wish they were sold in more stores than just Walmart!

Whit posted this 17 March 2020

Hello Bello, hands down. We used honest company for a long time, but Hello Bello is much more affordable. And we use WaterWipes (we buy them in bulk on amazon to make the price reasonable). 

Kelly posted this 22 March 2020

i've been thinking of pampers swaddlers as ive heard a lot of good reviews about it, but looking for a cheaper alternative as well.

Danna posted this 23 March 2020

Pampers swindlers and Hello Bello both are great, I love honest company too but they are more expensive. 

WC posted this 24 March 2020

Hello Bello are my favorite! Good price and convenient to buy (walmart, amazon, etc)