Emotional Much?

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Heather posted this 20 September 2019

I have never felt more emotionally "crazy" in my life. I guess for better wording, I should say, I feel emotionally unstable. It was like this with my first pregnancy as well. Am I completely alone in these feelings? I mean, I am sure that I am not. I guess I just need to hear it from others too and maybe what you have experienced emotionally. 

Thank you for any feedback/discussion/replies in advance!


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April posted this 20 September 2019

You are definitely NOT alone! I have had my number of complete melt downs that have made me just feel totally not myself. I would try not to be so hard on yourself because it is okay and normal for pregnancy hormones to make things a little more chaotic emotionally for us. One thing I always remember is.....these hormones are only temporary and they are helping us to create the beautiful life that we are blessed to carry inside! 

I hope you feel better soon and just take small steps and breathe! That is the advice I give to myself also!

Karisa posted this 20 September 2019

I totally agree with April! It is normal and okay! Hope you feel better soon and yessss.....just breathe and relax! Nice hot showers and herbal teas always seem to help calm me!

Angelique posted this 20 September 2019

Sometimes the best cure for dealing with pregnancy emotion flares, in my opinion, is to relax in the tub with candles/incense burning. Add some calm music of choice if desired, at a lower calm volume. Have some alone time to "recollect" and get that stressful emotional feeling to go away.

I hope this might help you....it helps me. Even when I'm not pregnant....just emotional as a woman!

Freya posted this 20 September 2019

I'm in total understanding and can relate also. This time has been worse than my previous pregnancy, in regards to my emotions....well...and nausea/sickness....it truly is challenging some days. 

Willow posted this 21 September 2019

It's normal for sure with the surge of hormones. I have tried looking at it in a comical manner. I never know who I am going to be right now.... lol! I tell folks to deal with me after the pregnancy. 

Mandy posted this 22 September 2019

I feel like an absolute crazy person. Ill be on the phone with my mom or my husband and i get so fiesty in the moment and then I call them back 20 mins later crying because I feel like I gave them attitude. I cried because I thought I was to mean to my dog the other day. 

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Holly posted this 23 September 2019

Yes!!!! Oh my goodness - it's like one moment you're fine and the next you're bawling your eyes out and then ripping someone's head off...

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Bethany posted this 01 October 2019

No, ma'am you are definitely not alone one this one! Before my pregnancy I considered myself to be very stable and level headed and it all went out the window as time progressed lol