Do you have to use a pacifier?

  • Last Post 17 December 2019
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Lorna posted this 17 December 2019

Do you have to use one ladies? Is it the horrible if you don't? Please advise! 

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Kristen posted this 22 January 2020

No, you don't have to! Some kids refuse to take them. Its actually probably better in the long run if they don't. All of mine used a pacifier, but that was more for my own sanity!   

Lucy posted this 15 January 2020

My kids never liked the pacifier. You don't need if they don't like it.  It is helpful in getting them to calm down, but trying to take it away when they are older when they become dependent on it. I heard pacifiers can ruin kids teeth as well if they use it too long and teeth are coming in.

Zoe posted this 14 January 2020

No, you don't have to use one!

Gina posted this 14 January 2020

It is helpful, but no it isn't horrible to not use one.

Kacy posted this 14 January 2020

No it isn't bad! 

Pat posted this 02 January 2020

no i didn't use it for a month but when i did give it i realized why its so hard for people to take it away, its a literal mute button lol and i also know a lot of people who don't use it when they breastfeed because of nipple confusion

Margaret posted this 18 December 2019

I think it depends on the baby. My first never took one but I felt like a human pacifier. I'm going to try again with my second.

Elise posted this 18 December 2019

My first baby never liked the pacifier so it was never an issue. This time, however, my baby loves it. I am starting to regret it though because it's become a sleep crutch. She relies on it to fall asleep and wakes up crying if it falls out. I am seriously considering removing all the pacifiers so she can learn to get herself to sleep without one. However, I did read that there may be some correlation between using a pacifier and having a lower risk of SIDS. So that made me all for it, initially.