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Amanda posted this 17 March 2020

Does anyone suffer from depression? How do you cope, do you take Medication or is there something you do to help deal?

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Jessa posted this 09 April 2020

Definitely talk to your doctor about medications, because there are some meds that can really help and are safe during pregnancy. I personally like to keep a journal and go for daily walks with my dogs as I find that helps me a lot. 

Contessa posted this 02 April 2020

Are you pregnant or post partum? Or have you always had depression but feel the need to really deal with it now as a mother? I have always had depression issues and medication has really helped. Try doing therapy first, because that can be really helpful. But if you need medication don't feel bad about having to take it. Lots of people do and the happier you are, the better you'll be able to take care of your child.

cassie posted this 26 March 2020

While pregnant my depression got really bad so I went to see a therapist as I cannot take any depression medications!

Katie posted this 24 March 2020

I try to keep myself busy. I wish I had better advice to give. hugs

Claire posted this 24 March 2020

Talk to your doctor. I was prescribed a lower dose of what I was taking before being pregnant. It helped and baby was fine. 

Eloisa posted this 18 March 2020

I've dealt with a lot of anxiety that sometimes crosses over into depression. I have to make sure to keep connected to others, exercise regularly, and get fresh air. I would definitely consider medication if I felt like my coping strategies weren't doing the job though. 

Heather posted this 17 March 2020

I've dealt with depression with medications and to be honest you're not really dealing with it, it might just help make you feel calm. I would suggest the opposite and making your body complete clean of what you can. Eat cleaner, like of processed foods and foods that are known to trigger your hormones (like cheese). Also exercise and water because that also cleans out your system. Making sure you sleep to restore your body! As mommas we tend to sacrifice a lot of our health and self care, and often times that's why we end up feeling down. Good luck mom!

Nina posted this 17 March 2020

Try to rest as much as you can, before taking medication I would suggest talking with a professional. In my case rest, meditation and yoga helped. Herbal teas before sleep and ask for help as much as possible.