Cranky 1 Year Old

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Lynn posted this 29 August 2019

My daughter just turned one and is all of a sudden so incredibly cranky all the time! She'd dealing with a small cold but I feel like her easy going demeanor is no where in sight lately and she is sooo impossible between the hours of 40-60. She has been going to bed between 6-60 because she cannot make it any later. She naps for about 2 hours every afternoon and there hasn't been any change in her sleeping patterns. What is going on??

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Lynn posted this 11 September 2019

I wanted to come back and give an update! We discovered that my daughter has a dairy intolerance and we had started switching her to cow's milk right before her birthday.  She was becoming increasingly upset all the time and just not herself as we made the switch fully to cow's milk from breastmilk and her eczema was getting really bad.  We cut the dairy out and she is like a whole new baby!

Courtney posted this 11 September 2019

I remember when my daughter turned 1 and exhibited all of the signs you mentioned. Pediatrician told me it was a combo of teething and sleep regression. Extra cuddles definitely help during this tough time. This too shall pass, mama. 

Morgan posted this 10 September 2019

Totally agree with all the things above. Teething, new mental leap, or sleep regression could be a factor. I follow Taking Cara Babies and she suggests paying attention to wake windows. My daughter is 14 months old and after 5 hours she is DONE. The first sign of tiredness, eye rubbing, zoning out, yawning. I start our bedtime routine. Hope this helps! Also, a fun activity like a walk outside, water table, or something shes interested in might get you past that before bed hump.

teresa posted this 10 September 2019

Could be a 12 month sleep regression. My little one went through it. Just stick to your schedule and she will adjust in time

Caroline posted this 10 September 2019

Is it possible she's teething? My daughter's demeanor always changes so drastically when she has a new tooth (or two!) coming in. She definitely gets cranky like you are describing. It should pass soon. Hang in there mama!

Sarah posted this 09 September 2019

Sounds like she could be going through a growth spurt or getting a a couple teeth. My little guy gets super grumpy when hes getting a tooth. His teeth have always taken forever to come in and hes miserable and fussy. 

Melissa posted this 30 August 2019

Could be a leap! Have you checked out the Wonder Weeks app. It was spot on for my first and really helped me understand what he was going through developmentally and how that effected his demeanor.