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lucy posted this 04 June 2019

Is anyone else a professional who works with kids? Teachers, pediatricians, child therapists, etc? I'm a social worker with a lot of experience working with children and families. I thought that this would make the transition to parenting easier. And it's true that I know a lot of things about early childhood development that I might not have otherwise, but I'm still finding that it's hard to apply my professional expertise to my own child. Does anyone else find they have this problem?

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user8 posted this 05 June 2019

I can relate with you! I am not a business professional who has worked with kids. I did babysit, help raise my little brother, and teach Sunday school for many years. I thought that prepared me with dealing with my own kids, and it did in some ways. In other ways, it did not. With all of my experience, I never raised my voice to children. I was the only Sunday school teacher that did not deal with unruly children that way, and when confronted by the children's pastor I held my ground and told him that I did not believe in yelling at the children. Now, I do it with my own. I don't know why it is so hard to not yell at them sometimes. Believe me, it's not all the time. It is only when they are repeating bad behavior or do something really bad, and I just get fed up!

Jennier posted this 16 June 2019

This is definitely something that I wonder about. I'm pretty newly pregnant, and I work in a daycare center, so I have a lot of experience with infants and some with toddlers. I'm hoping it will help, but I realized there's a lot of things I don't do even though I'm with them all the time. I was looking at what to put on my registry and looking at carseats I realized I have no idea what kind is good, or how to install them, or really anything about them, because I don't drive the kids around, they just show up at my work, lol. I mean, I'll read the instructions and figure it out, but it was kind of a good reminder that at least with some things I'm starting from scratch. and i guess it will probably be that way with a lot of things that don't just come with a manual that I can read for instructions...