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Angie posted this 24 January 2020

I'm thinking of a major career change. There are a few options in my field where I can work remote. I'm wondering if that would be easier for me with the baby. Anyone started working from home as a first time mom?

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Amber posted this 19 February 2021

Hello! I started working remotely when my second son was born. I got the right skills for that. I also hired a nanny to help me because I work a lot and it's hard for me. What kind of work do you want to do? 

Rainy posted this 05 May 2020

Working from home is great but it's brutal to try and take care of a child and work at the same time. You might start feeling like you work in the early mornings and late at night but not during the day.

Tina posted this 26 February 2020

Working from home is probably the best of both worlds, and you save money in daycare! As long as you're a person who doesn't need complete silence or isolation as they work, this is a great option.

Samantha posted this 26 February 2020

Yes- working remote was the best thing for us with my little one because we have a few medical hurdles to get over. If you can work remote and save the daycare $$ and to keep the little one from getting sick from being around all the other little ones-- definitely work from home.

Sky posted this 23 February 2020

You can do it but there is no shaming in working. Sometimes it's good to get that space from baby and honestly to give that space to baby. 

Laquisha posted this 22 February 2020

I'm a work from home mom? I started my own freelancing business when I found out I was pregnant so I had some time to build it up and get clients. You can do it. It is hard and frustrating when you're on a call and the baby is feeling like using his new ability to scream haha but if you work with the right people they will understand. Make sure you have someone you can go to with the baby who can help you in work emergencies. That person is awesome!

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Lily posted this 22 February 2020

agreed. Go for it. If you think it will work better for you and your family, give it a try.

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Mal posted this 22 February 2020

Yes I did and while its a challenge to switch, I highly recommend it. You get more time with baby and have more schedule flexibility.