best trimester ever!

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nora posted this 31 August 2018

Anybody else love their second trimester?! My morning sickness went away, I was feeling myself again, had a little bit more energy. Is this normal?

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Danielle posted this 31 August 2018

Yes! 2nd was the best for me as well. 3rd is exciting due to baby coming any day but 2nd I felt the best. No morning sickness and just had that nice glow. Then in my 3rd trimester I started having a lot of back pain and was just miserable.

Billie posted this 31 August 2018

Definitely normal. By the third trimester you will be tired, achy, wobbling when you walk, swollen feet and ready for it to be over. My advice is to go out and enjoy things while you are still feeling up for it!! Congrats by the way.

Amanda posted this 02 September 2018

I'm anxiously awaiting it. I'm so wiped out by 3 o'clock. I'm hoping to not want to hurl at the smell of everything too. 

Megan posted this 02 September 2018

Yes! The second trimester always made me feel like superwoman. I would wake up, clean my whole house, get all my shopping done, and still have energy to make a ridiculous dinner. As soon as the third trimester started I turned into a swollen, angry seal that refused to shave her legs.. lol 

Amy posted this 02 September 2018

I'm loving it! No more constant nausea and exhaustion. I'm still dealing with heartburn but I'll take that over the nausea any day.

It's definitely normal. Give it a few more weeks...as you ease into the third you'll start getting the backaches, fatigue, and super swollen feet. At least we get a few weeks of relief.

Sherry posted this 02 September 2018

Second is definitely the best! The morning sickened starts to fade away, you get more comfortable with your body, and your bump starts popping! By the third trimester you are so excited to have a baby and then things get way uncomfortable by the end. The second has always been my favorite time during pregnancy.

Hannah posted this 19 September 2018

I agree, the second is the best! Its more of the relaxing time you get to just enjoy being pregnant. I would love to just stay in the second trimester the whole time. I can't wait to be pregnant again and in the second trimester.

Alicia posted this 24 September 2018

I WISH!!!! LOL I wanted so badly to have an awesome pregnancy. Never happened...in all 7.5 months!

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Jen posted this 14 October 2018

   2nd Trimester has been great for me so far- my energy has returned, I'm less nauseous and just overall feel more like myself again.  I also think it helped that I started working out and walking more because I felt so much better.  Here's to hoping trimester 3 isn't too bad!!

Maria posted this 16 October 2018

Hi guys. First time pregnancy here. My morning sickness has definitely gone away. But I’ve been having a lot of anxiety. I have a stressful job where I work full-time and some overtime. I’ve asked my ob/gyn about it. She actually suggests I take Zoloft. She says there have been tons of studies done and assures it is safe. It just makes me nervous to take anything. 

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Lisa posted this 16 October 2018

The 2nd trimester was always my favorite! I had energy, I wasn't a planet yet, and I'd finally stopped barfing for the most part. I always think it's a dangerous time though because you get this superwoman complex where you think you can have a hundred babies since you're feeling so good 😂  I also always managed to throw my back out doing chores thanks to that superwoman complex. 

Jackie posted this 16 October 2018

I'm in it.  Second trimester easily.  Finally feel like me and I'm trying to get as much done as I can before trimester 3 slows me down.  

Katherine posted this 17 October 2018

Absolutely normal! My 2nd Trimester was the best, morning sickness definitely went bye bye and I could eat again lol Also I had lots of energy, belly wasn't too big and didn't feel uncomfortable sleeping. 

Dominique posted this 17 October 2018

Luckily, my pregnancy wasn't too bad, until when she came lol.

Jena posted this 17 October 2018

1000% normal!  2nd Trimester is by far the best one!

Heather posted this 18 October 2018

I loved the 3rd trimester. I couldn't wait to get this over, LOL!  I had bad stomach pain, leg cramps and mornig sickness.

Maria posted this 12 November 2018

Just a few more days left here of the second trimester... I did start the low dose of Zoloft per my ob/gyn's recommendation and I am feeling so much more relaxed and positive. I think I am now starting the nesting phase! I can't wait to get the home all ready for the new baby. I have been cleaning and organizing and planning! Anyone else starting to nest?

Leigh posted this 12 November 2018

Yep! 2nd is the best!!!

Torin posted this 12 November 2018

Yes Yes Yes!!!  I felt energized and my sickness was a thing of the past!  The third trimester isnt so bad, it is just that I'm ready to have my baby and anytime I eat I get full on like 3 bites! 

Kyah posted this 14 November 2018

The second trimester was definitely fantastic, although I was not prepared for how rough the third trimester was going to be. 

Hailey posted this 15 November 2018

Lord I hope so, because this 1st trimester is about to do me in!

Keiko posted this 16 November 2018

Yes, second trimester is the most fun for sure. All the morning sickness subsided and you can rock those maternity styles.

Emerald posted this 16 November 2018

That is the funnest trimester by far! Food can finally go down, and you can tolerate your perfumes again.

Ky posted this 18 November 2018

The second trimester was my absolute favorite oh my oh my! 

Ashely posted this 18 November 2018

I was exhausted for majority of the first trimester and then the second trimester was spectacular ahah!

Kylie posted this 18 November 2018

This post makes me miss the second trimester so much, wow! It felt as if I wasn’t even pregnant, oh the good ole days!

JC posted this 18 November 2018

Had a burst of energy in the second trimester  - it absolutely was the best! Then here came third trimester where I was exhausted all over again. 

Anna posted this 18 November 2018

in my second trimester now and i still feel like im exhausted all the time! My sister said that I'm not drinking enough water so im going to increase that and hopefully will get that energy soon

Trisha posted this 19 November 2018

This is great to know as my morning sickness seems it's here to stay. So 2nd trimester I can feel like myself again, hopefully!  I plan to work until I get to my 3rd trimester. 

Jensen posted this 15 December 2018

2nd trimester is most definitely one of the better ones. Hair looked great, skin glowing, beautiful nails, no swollen limbs, bigger boobs, no morning sickness. It is definitely great compared to the end of pregnancy!!

Lily posted this 17 January 2019

second trimester is the best! I had more energy and felt like myself. Enjoy it! 

olivia posted this 21 May 2019

I can't relate to this haha, I still haven't found the energy that everyone talks about but am feeling way better than the first!

Chole posted this 21 May 2019

Yes! The second trimester is definitely the easiest and best one!

Natalie posted this 21 May 2019

The third trimester I assume is the worst (not pregnant yet, but maybe I could be soon) based on what people say, but it's so cliche is it not?

Chelsea posted this 21 May 2019

Yes!!! Second trimester for me was the absolute best. I had no morning sickness. That didn't come back until almost close to delivering. I also had energy to shop and clean to prepare for baby .

Jess posted this 22 May 2019

I feel this so much. All 3 of my trimesters are terrible 😂 

I WISH!!!! LOL I wanted so badly to have an awesome pregnancy. Never happened...in all 7.5 months!

Jess posted this 22 May 2019

I'm heading into my second trimester and CAN'T WAIT to get rid of this nausea! I'm terrified I'll be one of those that's stuck with it until the end! 😱