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Lucy posted this 11 May 2019

I've seen so many different suggested bedtimes. What time do you put your toddlers down to sleep? It takes mine about 30-45 minutes to actually go to sleep. 

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Jane posted this 17 January 2020

I put my daughter (15 months) down by 8pm at the latest. I am trying to wean her, so we lay in bed for probably about 30 minutes while I snuggle her to sleep. 

Tara posted this 16 January 2020

Start a routine and stick to it.  Bathing, brushing teeth, reading a story, prayer, and then lights out is one routine your could try.

Nicole posted this 15 January 2020

I put my 15 month old to bed between 7-8 every night unless we are doing other stuff. She wakes up at 6 every morning no matter how late I let her stay up so at least I get some me time after she goes to bed. 

Emily posted this 20 December 2019

We stick to between 7/70. If we are out for a special occasion and bedtime is later, they still wake up at the same time. So I try to keep it consistently around 7 as much as possible!

Kayla posted this 19 December 2019

Our 2.5 year old goes down for bed at 7:00. She never fights bed time. She does stay up about 45 minutes talking to herself before she actually goes to sleep every night.

Kim posted this 18 December 2019

If my 3 year old doesn't nap, he's in bed no later than 7. If he does nap, it's impossible to get him down before 9.

Savannah posted this 05 December 2019

It usually depends on how tired my kids are usualy its no later than 70pm,because she uslaly hangs out in her room and plays with her toys before she falls asleep.

Katie posted this 16 September 2019

Bedtime can be so hard, they have so many questions at bedtime .  I try for 8, knowing it will be closer to 80. 

Nicole posted this 13 September 2019

I put my 17 week old down around 7-730.

Amy posted this 13 September 2019

My 19 month old now goes to bed around 8, it was earlier but over the summer it drifted later since we were out and about more. 

Briana posted this 12 September 2019

Strongly recommend the Moms on Call method! The app and book changed my life.

cara posted this 12 September 2019

Anywhere between 8 and 9 for my little one. Same as Heather said above- It depends on how active we were throughout the day.

heather posted this 12 September 2019

i tend to make the decision based on how active or busy they were during the day and then decide but it always falls somewhere between 7:15-80

Tina posted this 11 September 2019

I think a good time for toddlers to go to bed is between 70 and 8. especially because it can take a while for them to fall asleep. That way they can get plenty of sleep and be up at a decent time the next day!

Courtney posted this 11 September 2019

Sleep times vary in our household. My 3 month old goes down at 8 every night and my 2 year old is in bed by 10 but doesn't actually fall asleep until 1030ish. I know I should probably tweak their nap times so that they can get to sleep earlier  

teresa posted this 09 September 2019

We are down by 80 and asleep by 9. I try to keep this schedule because my toddler won't sleep in. Not to mention he's a major bear if he doesn't get enough sleep.

Sasha posted this 31 August 2019

My favorite time is around 8pm. We start our bedtime routine around 7pm and finish up around 80pm. Then, he's asleep by 9pm which isn't bad but I would like to aim for 8pm so I'll start my routine around 6pm.

Roxy posted this 31 August 2019

Mine vary so much of the crazy schedules in our house. We have a bunch of people living under the same roof and it's been hectic getting things to quiet down around 8pm. My son ends up sleeping around 10pm or even 11pm. It's sad because he's up due to all the noise.

Nancy posted this 29 August 2019

We are at around 0730 now because she is waking up earlier!

Amy posted this 25 August 2019

Our typical bedtime used to be 70, but after the time changed we couldn't get her to sleep until 9 all summer. We've gone back to 70-8 now that she's getting up earlier. 

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