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Breanna posted this 18 December 2018

I was a full time Admin Assist before having my first child. Afterwards I wanted to be home with her, but needed to work. I have been able to find jobs in my field online through various employment boards. Its been 3 years now and I am having my second child I still continue to work as a freelance VA or AA and I make good money. Best of all I get to be home all day with my children. I make enough to hire a nanny to come in during the day for when I need quiet time but am still there for all the daily stuff and I don't miss those first moments.  Anyone else work at home?

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Karisa posted this 24 September 2019

I would love to know how to really get into doing this! It would benefit our family SO much! Not to mention, would take some of the stress away too! Suggestions are accepted here!

Angelique posted this 24 September 2019

I would love to get into this! Do not know where to start though. I was always excellent in schooling/college in my English courses, writing courses, and so forth. Any suggestions on where it is best to start?

Daisy posted this 24 September 2019

I have recently taken up trying to become an at home freelance mom. I have started some work on UpWork and looked for freelance work on FlexJobs as well. So far, I have run into more scams than anything and it has been slow going and discouraging because of the location we will versus the available jobs are challenging. Any suggestions anyone?

Sucre posted this 24 September 2019

I will try Upwork and Fiverr and Flex jobs. I've had friends tell me the work is not always consistent but it's better than nothing. Making money takes time and investment and I'm willing to try my best to obtain a good freelancing job. 

Joanne posted this 23 September 2019

Any tips on becoming a freelancer?  That is a career path I would like to take in the near future and would love to hear all and any feedback, 

Mallory posted this 16 September 2019

This is amazing!!! How did you find jobs? 

Jess posted this 01 June 2019

BLogs are so popular. Learn SEO, it's not that difficult but very worth the effort. Instagram. Try consulting if you have a specialty. Start a website. Stock photography. Little things lead to big things!

Andrea posted this 23 May 2019

I'm not working atm, but would love to venture into freelancing in the future. I love to write and would love to make money from it! And I love to hear mama success stories, good work!

Jennifer posted this 23 May 2019

I'm a freelancer!  You really have to be disciplined, but it's a great way to still be available for your kids, whether you're at home with them or not.  You don't have to ask off from work! 😄  

AJ posted this 23 May 2019

I've worked freelance full time before, but went bank to work full time. The pay would become sporadic some months and I couldn't take the inconsistency. But I'm trying to build my freelance work again while I'm working because I miss being at home more with my kiddo.

Jess posted this 22 May 2019

I still have a full-time job in the school system, so I'm off in the summers, but I do freelance writing work and direct sales as side gigs.  I love the multiple streams of income and having the opportunity to use different skills than I do in my day job.

Ashley posted this 20 May 2019

I work part time and do freelance work as well. It can be nice to have flexibility in parenting, doc appointments, etc. but can also be stressful. 

Daisy posted this 17 May 2019

That’s great to know ...so many moms are into work from Home. What are the kind of jobs that can give you a decent pay , with flexibility to choose work hours 

Ellen posted this 17 May 2019

I am trying to do that very same thing! Any suggestions on work from home would be great!!

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Karen posted this 17 May 2019

I recently started doing freelance work and I love it. Working from home with the kids and still being able to make extra money☺️

Dre posted this 15 May 2019

Yes, I have done some freelance work.  It's rewarding and you can be in charge of what you do. 

Charlotte posted this 09 May 2019

Flex Jobs is another vetted option. If you aren't just looking for work from home, you could also try out Rover or Wag for walking dogs. I've had a couple friends do that and they love it. 

Julie posted this 13 February 2019

This is such a good idea! I work full time in corporate America and really want to be able to stay at home with the kids while also bringing in decent money.

JESSICA posted this 13 February 2019

Breanna, I would love information on your agency! I do some freelancing through Upwork and through friends' connections. 

Julianna posted this 11 February 2019

I would love some more information.

Yes AA is Administrative Assistant.  I got started on Upwork but have since then started an agency of my own.  Send me an email and I will send you some information.

I am looking into working from home options. I am due in a few months and just can't see paying for childcare on my salary. I love to work though and would love to still be able to contribute financially to my household. Would love to speak with you about what you do as a VA.. don't know what an AA is-admin assistant?

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