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Daphnie posted this 17 July 2019

Do you use things like baby detergent or baby sunscreen? Would you recommend them or would you say they're impractical?

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Kenneth posted this 10 September 2021

Thanks for sharing! This is good information for the baby!

Tina posted this 20 July 2019

We use baby sunscreen (i think the current brand we have is Coppertone) but I've never bought the detergent or cleaning agents. My kids are also not sensitive to much, but I do keep a conscience mind for not exposing them to too much chemical-y things. My mom always used vinegar as a cleaner and I've been doing that a lot as well for counters, etc.

Alexis posted this 18 July 2019

I don't buy baby specific laundry detergent, but I do buy detergent with safe ingredients for all of us to use. I use Ecos detergent. I do use babyganics dryer sheets, though.

Annaelle posted this 17 July 2019

Really depends. A lot of cleaning/self care products can have ingredients that really irritate a baby's more sensitive skin, so it's worth looking into. However, I use the same detergent and sunscreen, I just make sure it's safe for all of us!