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Yulianna posted this 21 July 2019

Just had my baby 6 weeks ago and already thinking about baby number 2. Obviously not any time really soon. How soon after your first one did you begin trying for your second? Did you conceive while breastfeeding. 

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Caroline posted this 22 July 2019

Ha, been there!  I thought about it right away as well, then floated the idea to my husband when my first was 7 months old and without even having made a decision, I found myself pregnant that month.  I did conceive while breastfeeding, just a month or two after my period came back (which seemed to coincide with my son getting more interested in solid foods).  Just keep in mind that your milk supply will drop if you are nursing while pregnant.  I wasn't prepared for that but luckily had a good frozen stockpile to supplement with.

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Erin posted this 22 July 2019

I'm torn on this. I just had my baby 6 weeks ago too and I want both of my babies to be close in age, but I'm excited right now to not be pregnant and husband doesn't want another one for a long time.

Taylor posted this 22 July 2019

When you do it close together they'll be close in age growing up and you can get the babies out of the way and never have to worry about being pregnant again, depending on how many kids you want. lol

Sarah posted this 29 July 2019

I got pregnant while breast feeding, so if you are ready, GO for it!

I will say having 2 under 2 can be very tiring though. 

Janelle posted this 30 July 2019

My doctor suggested waiting until 18 months postpartum, and the pediatrician said it's an easier transition if the first child is at least 2 (easier for the child to understand having to share mom). That being said, there are plenty of mamas who have babies sooner and everything is just fine! Enjoy your baby and trust your gut!

Alexius posted this 06 August 2019

I’m having the same thoughts! I really want another one but I’m wondering when is the “right time” to have another one. I don’t want to take away time with the baby I have now, ya know?

Trisha posted this 06 August 2019

I waited 6 months to try again. I had some infection complications after my csection which made us wait longer. I conceived while breastfeeding but had a very early miscarriage. I’m still nursing and just conceived again and an early in my pregnancy. Hoping for another rainbow baby!

Alice posted this 07 August 2019

We waited about 2 years to start trying again, but I was also working and in grad school, so graduating was sort of my milestone to get past. Then it took us awhile to get pregnant, so my kids are 4 years apart. 

Ashley posted this 28 August 2019

I really am thinking about baby #2 when my daughter is at least  10 shes currently 4 

Fina posted this 28 August 2019

I plan on waiting another 2 years for another. With pregnancy that will make them about 3 years apart!

Lynn posted this 29 August 2019

We started trying when our oldest was about 14 months and got pregnant two months after trying.  They are about 13 months apart!

Melissa posted this 20 September 2019

We tried for our second at 3 months postpartum and got preggo right away, and yes I was breastfeeding. One thing that was unexpected after getting pregnant was that my milk dried up and we had to switch to formula. I know a lot of people can be pregnant and breastfeed, but I guess my body can only handle one or the other. 

Amy posted this 20 September 2019

We started trying for baby number 2 when out oldest was about 14 months.  My period didn't return until 12 months postpartum and took a little while to regulate.  They are 23 months apart and I love their age difference!

Megan posted this 20 September 2019

My oldest was 2 years and 3 months when we had our second. Honestly, I would have waited just a bit longer but he did fine just some potty training regression. I had a miscarriage so my second and third are just over 3 years apart and THAT span was awesome for us. Then a surprise baby came when my third was 2.5 years old. It works out the older two do things together and the younger two are together, all boys. We were only actively "trying" for our second and third.