Any tips for a first time mom?

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Sandra posted this 29 August 2018

Hello, Everyone! 

This is going to be my first baby... Do you guys have any tips for my pregnancy journey? I know it won't be a cake walk, but I want to make sure I am doing everything I can to keep my baby healthy  

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Kelly posted this 29 August 2018

Keep active during your pregnancy if you can. I walked daily and it definitely helped in the long run for me. I have a sedentary job so the swell-hell in my feet was unreal by the time the end of the day rolled around. Watch your fluid intake as well. This was super hard for me. I'm not much of a water drinker but a friend of mine had to go get fluids twice at the hospital for dehydration while pregnant! Scared me straight. 

Fun advice : Spoil yourself here and there. It doesn't all have to be baby-baby-baby. Celebrate becoming a mom too! Oh! And keep a journal or diary! I really wished I did this when I was pregnant with my first so I'd have something to look back on now. Depending how you write it, your little one can read it when they're older too which is super cool. 

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Lauren posted this 29 August 2018

I second the journal! Another thing I would add.... I gained so much weight I refused ANY pictures (I gained 70 pounds).... Well...now that I'm healthy again it wouldn't be so bad on me mentally to see those...and I would have liked to have had them for my daughter. TAKE PICTURES. You will not always feel this way! And you will be sorry in 10 years when you don't have them. It's been 7 years since I was pregnant....I'm sad I have nothing to show her.

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Abby posted this 30 August 2018

Take your vitamins and stay healthy is the most important thing you can do really. Daily exercise will help during labor because you’ll have the stamina. And take pictures of you’re belly as it grows. Journaling is good too! Read it to baby after born and as they grow. They’ll love the stories.

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Ingrid posted this 05 September 2018

Spoil yourself, make sure to rest and stay healthy It has made me feel better! 

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Andrea posted this 07 September 2018

I am a first time mom too! I read all the advice, and this is going to help  

Congratulations! Enjoy each day with your baby. They grow up fast

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Rosemary posted this 17 October 2018

I'm literally taking notes from these posts.  This is my first and I'm just trying to take it all in!

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Sandra posted this 30 August 2018

All of this is great advice... Thank you so much! 

Jennifer posted this 05 September 2018

Take care of yourself.  Get adequate rest, take your prenatal vitamins and make healthy choices with your food.  My biggest  piece of advice is to rest up toward the end.  Kick your feet up and let someone else take over your household chores.  You are going to need to be rested up and ready to go when delivery time gets here and then with your newborn.  Congrats and I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy! 

Suze posted this 05 September 2018

Congrat Sandra Enjoy the journey.  Some days are amazing and others not so much.  My advise is to stay as healthy as possible. Do some walking or yoga and try to eat healthy.  It will help throughout the pregancy.

Jamie posted this 05 September 2018

Congrats Sandra and thank you for making this post!!  Lots of great advice in here that I've enjoyed reading.  When are you due?

Like they have all said - everyone tells me to rest and take care of my body. I've been eating more fruits and veggies and drinking more water.  My husband and I walk every evening too.  

Victoria posted this 05 September 2018

Make sure to eat healthy as much as you can, not only is it great for your baby, but it also gives you more energy. Try to go on a little Stay-cation before the baby comes! It will give you time to relax before your schedule gets crazier. 

Carol posted this 05 September 2018

Being a mom doesn't mean you won't make mistakes... You will, so don't beat yourself up over it! You are new to this, and you will learn as you go.

Lexi posted this 06 September 2018

Don't be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake or forget anything important to do.

Christine posted this 06 September 2018

I am a first time mom too! I read all the advice, and this is going to help  

Love posted this 06 September 2018

Enjoy every moment with your little one.

Joann posted this 08 October 2018

I think one good tip is to stay active. I forgot/didn't have time to exercise for a long time, and I could definitely notice my stress levels were going up because of it. So if nothing else, try to find time to go take a walk. It helps!

Paula posted this 15 October 2018

Get plenty of rest, take your prenatal vitamins and iron (if needed). Eat healthy and take care of yourself.  Make sure you hire a babysitter or have a close family member babysit to get a break sometimes. You don't want to burnout quickly release the stress, I went through post- partum because I did't release. However, with my second child, I knew what to do. Congrats- and I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!  

Becca posted this 17 October 2018

Keep yourself hydrated and well-fueled. A lot of moms forget to up their water intake and have dehydration issues - especially if dealing with morning sickness. 

Paige posted this 17 October 2018

There's so many tidbits here that I really appreciate! I'm expecting my first little one and have my own fears as well. Thanks for starting this OP!

Jena posted this 17 October 2018

Thank you so much- this thread is wonderful.. Though it feels like you'll be pregnant forever, it goes by in a blink.  Cherish every moment

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